gun shots they happen so fast
life isn’t worth, it doesn’t last
desperate boy, his life gone loose
hopeless measure, man made noose
a single stabbing of a girl
the spinning, shaking-the world-its swirl
an international plague of death
haunts our every step-no breath
a valley full of lifeless bones; the dead
their hope is gone, the pain they dread
how many really deserve their fate?
how many deserved such malice, hate?
all i can ask and plead is why
do we really all follow this tremendous lie
that leads us down an endless path
of darkness and of death? Hath
we nothing that deserves us life?
shall we continue along this desperate strife?
is there anything else to stop- erupt
the feelings, hate of the corrupt
men who they themselves are lacking
all desire for a future but hacking
at their lives. they’d never care if it’d cease
is there anyone who can pick up every piece
of the broken hearts and shattered flesh?
yet there is one who can mend and mesh
every spirit and soul of man
in simple words he says “i can”
for he himself on him was lain
the burden of suffering, all the world’s pain
with every struggle, man can cope
for one man became our ultimate hope
honestly people…will anyone go?
a dying world but no love we show
we’re given times and choices to choose
opportunities arise, however we lose
look at your life, that one life that you live
you have little time to finally give
go reach out, hearts beat-so dance
for God has given you only one chance

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