everyday in my life i have so many realizations about God…but today God has truly revealed more to me!!!  GOD IS GOD YESTERDAY TODAY AND FOREVER….HE IS “I AM”…. no matter what you are struggling with or dealing with or circumstances you are faced with…he is there!! IN DEATH GOD IS RIGHT THERE WITH YOU!!! he wants you to enjoy life and to its fullest…BUT HE WANTS YOU TO FOLLOW HIS PLAN FOR YOU….regardless of what you faced with!!  there is so much crap we can be faced with that just pay knock us down…GET BACK UP and allow God to work in your life!!!! don’t let a death destroy you…let God work in your life and let him GET THE BEST OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

RIP Francis Bacon…
     {message to Pattie…God has something awesome for you even in something life death
       of a loved one…just trust God ENTIRELY!!}

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