So many times in life we think of whether we have the ability to make a difference with the life we’ve been given. This picture was taken by me as I stood over the tracks that led to a concentration camp. This particular section of the tracks shows that 428 Jews or Judan were killed. As I took this picture and even now, I think about what there is that I can do. What can I do with my life to make a difference in this world while so many people are still dying? What can I do with my ONE LIFE? What can I do with the ONE CHANCE that God has given me here? I have so many opportunities that come up all around me. So many people need to hear the truth about God’s grace, love and mercy before DEATH. We all have a chance to reach out to our world. My shadow in the picture reminds me that we all have the end to our train tracks: so what will you do with the time you’ve been given?

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