How long I have waited for you,
For you have stolen my heart.

Now I am ruined for anything less,
I could live forever in your arms.
My heart belongs to only one love,
My beloved, my beloved, my beloved.

I am yours and you are mine


God is awesome and so amazing!!  he is so in love with us and WANTS us to love him back!! he is RUINED WITHOUT OUR LOVE~~ANYTHING LESS FROM US!! 

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  1. hi mandy, do you know who sings this song? i’ve been lookign for it for so long and i just typed in the lyrics in google and i found your site. the band at my large group sings and it’s such an amazing song. if you could help me find this song, i would be forever grateful.
    by the way, i like your blog and it’s great to see your enthusiasm in the word and heart for everything.

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