wow…so much has happened in the past week.  i graduated. i saw my senior class and other students for the last time. my grandma who came out for my graduation had a stroke. i went to a bunch of graduation parties. i some bumpy roads with a few people…ugh! i lead worship on sunday night at youth group…apparently it was good. i went bowling with the coolest people ever…well some. i found my bible…woohoo!!!  i had my graduation party where i made $450.  i reunited a friendship with someone because we let other people kill it last year…after 10 months we are friends again!! then throughout all of this i have grown sooo close to God…i love it!!! he has helped me so much with stuff in the past few weeks…1 year anniversary of Jon dying.  friend issues…etc. 

while all of this has been going on…there has been sooo much on my mind!! i hate when you have so many things running through your mind and you cant get answers or think clearly. or when you want something so badly but someone else has it or wants it too….this is deeper than just material object. its just ugh….sometimes i would like to get this…or something like it….its like there is always a battle within us…well there is. but so often the devil knows where he can bother us and keep taking it away or keep us from something.  he can find the spot that just gets us upset, annoyed, angry, bitter, etc.  don’t get me wrong or anything…i am not really mad or upset…just really venting about pettiness. but he knows exactly where to get you.  just one time i would like to get this over someone else. i would like to, i guess figuratively…win.  whatever…this is where God comes in. he comes in and helps us in the stormy weather and the clear.  the easy and the hard. the petty and the intense. its about giving EVERYTHING to him…including the stuff that seems extremely petty to us. so God…its yours!!!

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