hum…its been a little stormy out…well i guess stormy is an understatement. its freakin thundering and lightening outside. i had to cancel going to the shore and participating in relay for life. and now i am sitting at home when i would rather be out somewhere else. i am freakin bored out of my mind. and i still keep thinking about the same petty crap.  its like as the storm rages on outside the storm inside of me has yet to subside. so often the winds and waves like to knock us down. and kind of beat us up.  however we can push through.  even petty stuff once it builds up is no longer simple and just a small aspect of life, it can become part of your life..a very asset to your existence.  so much goes on in our lives and it can get very confusing.  and thats what makes us human…which kind of stinks.  wanting something you think you can’t have or you don’t think you can get is just an awful feeling.  knowing something is within your grasp but realizing you can’t close on to grip…ugh…i am venting again…

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