ah!! life can be so interesting. its so annoying and frustrating at times when you don’t understand what is going on. so often we just walk through the motions of our lives and don’t truly take in what God has for us. i hate when i ignore the signs and pass over something that might be AMAZING that He has for me. we let our emotions and get to us and dictate our lives without letting God take control of us. i am so sick of getting ONLY what i want and not what God wants. there is something GREAT that i desire right now and i would love for this to happy. i would give anything to allow this blessing into my life but it may not be what God wants. and heck it may be what God wants. all i want is to be able to let God control me and where i go and see what he has for me!!!!

basically i am leaving for camp tomorrow morning and i want God to revolutionize my life more than ever before!!!


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