wow. God i am so at a loss right now. i have no idea what is going on right now in my head. i went to camp last week and wasn’t touched in the same way i always have been. everything was different but i didn’t see how you reached out to me until now. you are such a great God who is always there for me when i need you.

“God never called me to come home. He only called me to go!” —J Tucker

You have something incredible for me God that i can not even see yet. But God my problem is that its so hard trusting you in even the petty situations. i dont understand why its so hard. God i just want your reassurance with me at all times. especially, God, i want reassurance in the areas where my heart desires mostly. the things i want and hope for but in most cases have yet to receive. God please just be with me!!! help me!!!

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