God is amazing!! he gives you power in times when you feel weak. when you feel defeated and beaten by life….like you need to give up and give out….thats when the power comes in. when you put full faith in God….david could kill the GIANT goliath and was undefeated!!

so often in life we are scared to face things….we are scared for going after something that is seemingly impossible and challenging. we are scared to face the GIANTS in our life….no matter what specifically that might be. we all have struggles, challenges, and battles in our lives that we so often fear and are scared to FACE!!! when you walk around lacking faith because of fear you are already defeated before you face whatever challenge in your life…

but when faith and fear COLLIDE….defeat is much more distant. when you allow God to come into your life and work in you…that faith gives you faith THROUGH your fear to face the giants in your life. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH FAITH!!!!!!!!!!


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