wow…life seems so surreal now. i am leaving for college in less than 2 days. i can not begin to comprehend that this IS my life now. i am going to college. i am leaving home. so much lays ahead of me and so much behind me. so often we dwell in the past and are anxious for the future. i think we go about life in the wrong way too often. we ponder on the past and what did happen or what did not happen. we allow memories to almost taunt us and reoccur over and over again in our mind. we also allow our future, of which we are never certain, to drill our lives and force its own fate upon us. the way i see it is that we need to look at our past, whether failures, losses, acheivements, or tragedies, and use them to help mold our character and our lifestyles. change what needs to be changed and allow for the future to set in. we need not worry for the future, however, we should be ready for it and face it when it comes. create your life. design and make alterations when necessary. sometimes it takes a leap of faith to begin your life and see where you are going. sometimes it is a huge risk to take that leap whether it is blind or in full sight. but what i have learned is that regardless of the situation and circumstances that will take place, i have to leap toward the life God designed for me. its my destiny to freely run into his arms and embrace the future and goals God has for my life. so whether my life is surreal, it is my reality. i have to go for what God has and not dwell in the past or worry about what’s ahead. i have to LEAP!!!

“one thing i know: forgetting what is behing and straining toward what is ahead…i press on toward the goal to win the prize to which God has called me heaveward in Christ Jesus.”

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