i have reached a point to where i am so extremely confused on so much. not all of it is even bad its just the matter that some stuff has really gotten to me. i need to be revived. that’s probably the best way of putting it. i feel so dead in so many areas of my life. i feel like i am suffocating and dying. as i stated in my last entry, i need God to breathe into me!! i need him to restore the brokenness inside of me. i need him to help me learn to forgive. i need him to replenish all that i have taken out of my life..all of the PURITY and replaced with IMPURITIES!! i am so sick of this stupid game i play with myself. i am sick of walking with a mask-a facade- as if my life is perfect and dandy when in reality, i feel like i am dying. i feel like inside of me i have allowed the most important thing in me to fade away…God has NOT been the center of my life. i haven’t even given him much time at all!! i am sick of it!! i need him to REVIVE ME!!!

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