this is my story…well my dream. its scattered because thats who i am. i want a deep love. i desire the DARK ROMANCE of my God with His UPFRONT ENDURING LOVE. i want to become LOST IN GOD. i want to be PURE and GUARD MY HEART. i desire to be MORE THAN A PRETTY FACE and be IMITABLE. i want my life to DISAPPEAR, to die to self because i believe in THE SUPERNATURAL in my life. i believe this because i have LIBERTY with Christ. and because of this freedom i have…i can help RESCUE others…i CAN KEEP SOMEONE ALIVE, especially when they were dead without Christ. i strive to meet God, just as adam did. i long to SEE!!

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  1. Did you just read “Redeeming Love?” If not, you should! That’s pretty much the best addicting book out there. All the Christian girls are reading it. The author is Francine Rivers.

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