this past weekend i went to Chasing 2007-a worship conference (youth convention) for high schoolers. there Desperation Band did worship. yeah so nothing specific happened to where i was on my face bawling or whatever. but what happened to me was a challenge for my own life to want to be an effective christian. i heard stories of middle and high schoolers her are rocking their schools for God, and i am completely jealous because i know i did not reach enough people. i do not pray enough to change my heart in order for me to reach those people. a burden on my heart so much lately is a kid from my graduating class that i need to reach out to. my point in this brief rant is that i need to begin to CHASE God and go after the calling he has for my life. i must reach a point of DESPERATION where all i can do is run after MORE of God. i don’t know…i guess as a church christians need to stop being so scared and stand up and do something with their life.

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