this week has been interesting and kind of a crazy blur. sunday night Josh Stacy was killed in a car accident. man thats rough. i barely knew him and i cried. you never know when your life might come to a sudden end. wow. its unreal.

i forgot how fast time goes by. just yesterday it seems that i was graduating and so unready for college. a year later i am at the end of my freshman year at college. its actually somewhat terrifying. time is going by and i feel that i am missing it all, though i do so much. i guess this realization has come about, also because of Josh’s death. i don’t know. but in two days i will be officially finished with my first year in college. i have a declared major and minors. i have a church family and my closest friends. i have a summer internship. wow. its unbelievable to think that i am growing up and old though i do not even see the change until now. wow.

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