i love it…God’s grace and mercy. its so hard when we become desperate and broken realizing we need that other thing…that extra something to help us through. becoming desperate is not a bad thing. in fact, sometimes it might be the time when the greatest change occurs. thats what makes this so amazing. God is so awesome in his power. no matter how mamy times i screw up, fail, make mistakes, and don’t measure up…God is still MY God and is right there next to me. i am so thankful for his patience with me. day after day i walk a perfectly imperfect life but he still says it will all be worth it. he is God and understands that we face struggle and hardship, but his grace and mercy get us through.

“When Your love comes down,
I can rest my eyes.
Feel Your grace and power
Flood into my life.
As my brokenness
And Your strength collide,
When Your love comes down,
Falling down.”

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