today has been a tough day. i knew it was coming, but not this soon. my aunt passed away early this morning. i knew she was dying. i knew it was coming soon. hospice told us 2 months. in a matter of days that promise ended. i loved her. the last time i saw her was at my graduation. she was there. she cooked amazing southern food. she was in the bleachers when i walked. she was there. now she is gone. what i find so strange about this, is that last week i just finished reading c.s. lewis’s book “a grief observed” where he wrote about the death of his wife and coping with it. i guess it was God preparing me for it. who knows.

but my day doesnt end with her death. late yesterday afternoon i found out my dad was in the ER for reasons unknown. he has been in the hospital for two days and will hopefully be released this weekend. but he’ll need surgery. he’s sick. and its pretty much not easy.

but in God i trust. in all things. i have to believe. that’s all i can do.

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