“i let go of all my lust
i let go of my pride
i let go of all my bitterness
and all the things i hide

i let go of all my pain
i let go of the fame in my name
and i find myself, find myself in you”

this song speaks wonders to me. so often i let other things distract me. so often i allow all that i am take away from all that i could try to be- my potential is completely hindered when i allow these things to come in. when i lust, i take away from the image of God my perverting it. with pride i think of my self better than others, with really no reason at all. bitterness creeps in and takes over and destroys. i hide things all the time. my pain consumes me and all i can do is think about it. sometimes i like myself, “my” life too much. but when i get off that pedestal of some crazy superiority i will find all that i am, all that i can be in God, in my saviour. its a hard realization to handle. mostly, we all fail at this but we need to try to let go of all that we are and let God take over. I LET GO…OF ME!

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