Presidential Elections 2008—i am disgusted

I am so disappointed with the reactions because of the election.
Okay yes Obama won and McCain lost. Let me explain how my evening went
on a Christian university campus:

I was sitting in my dorm room writing a paper, not watching the
election info. This was a little before 11 pm. All of a sudden I heard
a roar break out outside my building. To my surprise I walked out of my
dorm room to find Obama supporters and McCain supporters screaming. The
Obama fans were cheering in joy and praise while the McCain supporters
were responding saying Obama is the anti-christ, etc. Okay seriously.
Did that really happen? Noise like crazy. Now mind you I am an RA on
campus therefore things involving noise past 11 pm I have to deal with.
I thought it was something simple. I began to ask people politely to
quite down. I was not focusing my attention on one group of supporters.
Soon enough most of the RAs around campus had to begin to walk around
calming people. For over two hours I asked people to respectively cheer
[or mourn for the McCain supporters] to find other places away from the

This is where I am angry and disappointed at students at Southeastern
University, BOTH Obama and McCain supporters!!! So-called christian
students slander another individual saying he is the anti-christ
however that is arrogant and self-righteous. I heard so much talk about
McCain being the godly man and Obama being the devil that I felt sick.
But it got worse. In my process of asking people to calm down, a
certain group of African-American individuals felt the need to slander
me. Now I am no racist. I am anything but a racist. I have friends of
every race and ethnic group! I never once mentioned or implied my
political status or the like, however this group of African-American
individuals felt the need to call me a Nigger Hater [sorry for the
language!]. Tell me that wasn’t a racist comment by them?! They
continued to say that if McCain won we [the RAs] wouldn’t be doing
anything about the noise. Yeah so how could they make that claim
without me ever stating my beliefs to begin with?

So here is what I think. Southeastern University, as well as the
church, is divided and ungodly. The fact that Jesus stood for order and
unity yet we can’t even act like Christians without division?! Really!?
I am sick to my stomach right now because of the things, the words, the
actions, that I saw on a campus that is supposed to represent God. I
don’t care if you voted Democratic, Republican, or third party-
REPRESENT GOD BEFORE POLITICS! We as the church wonder or play the
blame game as to why our nation is the way it is. Here is my answer: we
have failed our nation by representing ourselves instead of God.

So now we have a new president. Congrats! Really I do mean that because
I feel that the man who won is the person God intended to win because
it was right. Right doesn’t always mean godly, good, or anything else.
And I don’t mean that to say anything against Obama either. Mainly I
wanted to point out that FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS we have President
Obama. We may not be able to know what God is doing but there is
something we can do. Prayer is powerful. If you voted for Obama then
congrats. If you voted for McCain then oh well. Regardless of your
political stance, prayer for your leaders and those established in
authority is Biblical. If you want change in either way, PRAY FOR IT!
God now just asks for obedience from His body, however dis unified it
might be, to take a call to prayer. I leave you with this:

II Chronicles 7:14
“If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and
pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear
from Heaven and I will forgive their sin and I will heal their land.”

[Oh and no political debate on what you believe regarding McCain vs. Obama- I will delete it]

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