I smile.

Two weeks ago I boarded a plane on my way to Israel. So much had been on my heart and on my mind. I was broken from my last relationship. I was stressing about my soon graduation. I had no idea what I was going to do for my summer internship. My parents’ health is not great…both have been in and out of the hospital for the past year. I had so many fears. But something incredible has happened. A feel renewed. I feel a liberty and freedom I have never known. For too long I have listened to the voices of people and ignored the resounding voice of God. These past two weeks have been such a challenge on all that I am. It was the rescue I needed.

I was baptized in the Jordan River. When I came out of the water, I wept, not because of my previous fears or doubts, but rather because a renewed sense of joy. This past week I was able to gaze at the stars in the middle of the desert. It was the most beautiful site I have ever seen. I went to bed that night remembering the promise of God upon my life. Again I wept because of the glory of God. The next morning we watched the sunrise on the top of Mt. Masada. The sunrise is the symbol of this time in my life. It is a new dawning, a new beginning. The sun was beautiful rising above the mountains and reflecting on the Dead Sea. The rays gently hit my face. In that moment, I smiled.

What an incredible week. God renewed my strength in a way greater than I could have known. I no longer am going to stress out about all of the uncertainties of life. I have an internship for this summer and I am going to believe that God will provide. God will touch my parents. He will guide me. In his timing, I will meet that man that I will spend my life with. Even though I have no idea what I am doing after graduation, I know God will direct my every step. I finally feel free from worry and doubt. I feel liberated from my insecurities. My past is behind me. I look toward God and the horizon ahead. I smile because I know my God is with me.

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