not of me.

the nations tremble. let me shake. your glory falls down. now. all over me. i feel it. shaking. lets us be moved for you. let us be shaken by your glory. let us fall before you. humble and broken. broken. broken. break me. God desperately i ask that you shatter my world. shake up my world. let it come. let it come. let it come. Yahweh meet us. even if we only see your back, let us see. let us have but a glimpse of your glory. of your beauty. let love and mercy rain on us. let your justice move us. awaken our hearts. move us to you. in a whisper. in a storm. in pain. sorrow. move us to you. holy. you are holy. touch the coal to our hearts, our minds. bring us in. bring us in. break us Abba. take our selfishness and kill it. on the altar, let us die and rise again in power. we consecrate our lives. we circumcise our hearts, our minds before you. we cannot move forward and remain the same. we have met Yahweh and we are no more. we are in Christ. we are no longer bound to our past. no longer held captive by our sin. we are free. let us move to the nations in the glorious liberty we have. let us never stop but by death. nothing less. let us live our every breath for you. relentlessly.

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