Come and take your place at the center of our hearts. Its where you belong. I want to be free from everything that keeps me from loving you.

I am selfish. I think of myself often before I do someone else. I think of my needs. And even when I do think of others, often I find myself wondering where I gain. What about you?

I want Jesus to be the center of my life. More than anything, the center of my everything. All that I think about, all that I long for, all that I desire to be is like Jesus. I am empty without his love, yet if I do not allow for Jesus to be my center- the core of who I am- I am nothing. I am completely nothing without Jesus. His love has changed me more than anything. He has brought me from a place in my life I never want to go back to.

He gave his everything to love me. His blood, his tears, his body all for me. I am nothing without that sweet surrender. Yet how do I love him? I say that I want to love him with my everything, but how often do my actions prove that to be true? I am meaningless, empty, and nothing without Jesus. I need to make him my center. I need to truly love him with my every word, my every action, my every thought. Loving the homeless, the hurting, the poor, the rich…everyone. It becomes a selfless act of simple love. I find that when I do love Jesus more than anything else, I find this immense joy birthing from me. However, when I do not love Jesus, I am simply…nothing.

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