O Happy Day!

The greatest day in history, Death is beaten. You have rescued me. Sing it out Jesus is alive. The empty cross, The empty grave. Life eternal You have won the day. Shout it out Jesus is alive. He’s alive. Oh happy day, happy day. You washed my sin away. Oh happy day, happy day I’ll never be the same. Forever I am changed. When I stand, in that place. Free at last, meeting face to face. I am Yours, Jesus You are mine. Endless joy, perfect peace. Earthly pain finally will cease. Celebrate Jesus is alive. He’s alive. Oh what a glorious day. What a glorious way that You have saved me. Oh what a glorious day. What a glorious name, the name of Jesus!

For some reason tonight, I am filled with a crazy peace. I keep smiling. I want to run around. I want to laugh. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I feel this way for a reason. The way someone feels when they are giddy in a new relationship. I feel this way. But it is not induced by a new relationship. It is because I remember a happy day. I remember being in Israel at the Garden Tomb. I remember being there feeling such peace- kind of like I do right now. I remember the Love that was given there. I am an ordinary person. Nothing special about me. Yet for some reason, Jesus, an unordinary man, chose to do something for me selflessly. He loved me relentlessly and took the death that was mine. But in his death, he gives a new life in our hearts. We have the choice to love him, everyday. We have a choice to smile in spite of our circumstances, in spite of our battles, in spite of our struggles, and along with our victories. So tonight, I remember that Jesus loved me enough to give me a second chance at living my life fully. I am not only free, but I am given a beautiful opportunity at true peace and joy. I do not have to be defined by my past, struggles, or anything else. I am forever changed by his love. I take it. Jesus is alive in me. I feel him. In my heart. The way we feel when we love someone deeply…oh happy day!

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