Do you ever wonder what your purpose is in life? Are you just simple ordinary?

I would have to answer yes to that question about myself. I often struggle about who I am really am and what the heck I am doing here in this life. I think of these great men and women of the Bible and I find myself at a loss for words. They did incredible things for God.  I am nothing like them. Right?

Wrong. Neither are you. Jesus is the prime example of choosing the ordinary people for greatness. He chose twelve of them. Back in that day, Jews had a very different lifestyle than what most people, especially Americans, have today. During Jesus’ day, at a young age men were given one significant opportunity. Starting young, boys went to school. They learned the scripture, they studied the books of Moses. They learned the role of the rabbi. The purpose for this was to be the best and chosen by a rabbi to be his replacement. This was an honor. This was a privilege, however, eventually that would end. Over the course of the following years, the system would filter out the “not good enoughs”- the ones they didn’t think were good enough to become a rabbi. This process had steps and eventually, it would come to the final few, all in their young teen years, and one or two would be chosen to follow a rabbi. That is what every Jewish boy strived to be…

When a boy was not chosen, they would have to return to their family and learn the family trade or business. They would be average, ordinary, and nothing special. None of the disciples had been chosen. They were the “not good enoughs”…until Jesus came into the scene. Jesus was called Rabbi and teacher. By this time each of the disciples were living their lives thinking nothing of it, because they were just simply ordinary. Jesus came to each of them and asked them to follow him…to follow the Rabbi. When Jesus called each disciple to “follow him”, it was not just a simple question of loyalty, it was a second chance, one they were denied in their earlier years. They were given the chance to serve a Rabbi, and learn his ways. He personally selected each.

“We are invited to be Jesus’ hands and feet because he loves us as we are yet loves us way to much to let us stay that way.” Jesus saw the disciples in their current circumstances and decided to call them in to greatness. Each disciple changed the course of history because they followed the Rabbi. They were given a fresh start. They were ordinary men chosen for greatness. Jesus chose me too. He chose you. And we each have the opportunity to serve him- to follow him. No matter where we each are in life. There is purpose. You can choose to remain ordinary or decide to follow Jesus Christ with your everything and change the world.

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