Nameless. Faceless.

Ripped from the normal, from home. Sold for meager wages. By mom. By dad. Or snatched off the street. Beaten. Forced to take deathly amounts of drugs. Poisoned. She is 15. He is 9. She is 11. He is 14. She is young. So is he.

Raped. Over and over again. Many times up to 40 men get serviced by her, even him…in one day. HIV runs through their veins. Infections. Disease. But again, every day the cycle of rape is repeated. Just a child. No longer innocent. They will never get to just be a child. They are coerced into tourism by men visiting their land. Video taped. Recorded. And the internet exposes them even more. Their nakedness. Their privacy is not their own. Nothing but an object of pleasure. A slave.

Work. Work more. No payment. Just more bruises.  No longer just sweat shops. They make clothes. They clean. They do hard labor. They are in your local dry cleaners. Ice cream shops. Pizza parlors. Construction workers. Landscapers. They are waiters. Waitresses. You’ve seen them. Somewhere, you’ve passed them. Maybe you’ve spoken to them.

Don’t be naive enough to think that this does not affect you. Don’t be selfish and not care. These children, the average age is 11 years old. The oldest are barely old enough to be of college age. The youngest… puberty is years away. Yet somehow, by some series of circumstances they were either sold or kidnapped into a slave trade where they are nothing. They have no name anymore. They have no face. They are just a slave with an eternal debt to their trafficker. It is a debt that will not be paid. Between the cost of buying them, clothing them, feeding them, and providing condoms…their debts continue to be raised daily. Many die of sickness. Or abuse. Or overdose. Most victims will not be rescued.

They are not nameless. They are not faceless. They are innocent victims. They are slaves. The cost of their slavery makes more money than all professional sports. They are imported and exported like fruit all over the world…America is one of the largest ports. Don’t think this doesn’t affect you…

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