“Compelled” Convention2010 [2]

Service 2
  • most days, you won’t feel overly qualified
  • John 6…the boy with a “sack lunch [5 loaves/2 fish] probably did not think he’d be a part of a miracle feeding of 5,000
  • “Crisis of Believe”- the moment when you wrestle with what you believe God has asked you to do
  • the Word of God [Bible] is living and active, not a trend
  • if you won’t get engaged in God’s mission of Love, he will use someone else and you will miss out
  • God provides ministry opportunities in the everyday  conversation
  • if you’re a Christian…welcome to the ministry
  • figure out the dreams God has for you, don’t just rely on someone else’s dream
  • Faith not fear it the glove that catches your dream’s potential
  • Living according to the Bible and like Jesus will not always be easy. Dream BIG with Christ. Live life by faith.
  • The cross is offensive! So not everyone will like you!
  • Jesus always saw past the stuff and saw the potential

You have purpose. Jesus can use you no matter what you’ve done or haven’t done. He loves you. He died for you so that you might truly live. You have a choice to serve him and live big dreams for him. You have potential, so stop doubting that or listening to others. Listen God. He wants to do great things through you. His love compels us to want to do more for him and others.

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