“Compelled” Convention2010

Service 1

  • Luke 19:10 – Jesus came to seek and save the lost
  • the central theme of scriptures was in the pursuit of Love
  • After Eden [the fall of man] the message of God’s love became the mission of God’s love– i.e. Jesus
  • What do Costco, Sam’s and BJ’s have in common? They are stores that give away free samples for food in hopes of showing you that their product is good. Same thing with faith…Christians live as an example [a sample] to the faith in Christ.
  • “lost” means: strayed, missing, not won or likely to be won, lacking clear direction
  • “save” means: rescue from danger, to preserve
  • We tend to hold tightly to thing that don’t matter and let go of things that do matter
  • Jesus seeks those that are lost and desires to save them

Whether you feel lost or alone, Jesus seeks you out. He wants you. He can guide you and give clarity. He loves you, deeply.

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