The Plunge.

Sometimes, life is just confusing. Sometimes its hard. Faith is such a crazy idea. To believe in something, even with no idea that it could be possible, yet somehow know- deep in your heart- that the risk is worth it. I can’t explain beyond that. It is more than just a leap. Anyone can leap. Leaping just involves a small amount of momentum. But the plunge-head-first-out-of-a-plane type of jump takes way more guts. You risk everything. You risk getting hurt. You risk the parachute not working. But maybe it is right. Maybe the parachute works just fine, but even then, the timing has to be right. The parachute cannot be released early. Everything is critical. It cannot be taken lightly. But the risk is necessary for the plunge- for the adrenaline. The successful plunge relies completely on you releasing the fears and facing the rush. Going head first. It means relinquishing all security into the unknown. That is faith. That is what I am trying to do. To plunge into whatever the heck God is calling me to, even if I do not entirely understand. Its just the risk my faith must take to be where God wants to be.

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