Simple Reminder.

Honestly, the simple things really speak to me. Nature really speaks to me. It reminds me of the beauty of my God. He created everything. He created me. I matter to him. Seeing just the simplicity of nature shows me but a glimpse of the mysterious beauty of my God that so captivates me.



This one flower, bloomed alone in the middle of this field, matters to God. If true, then doesn’t that mean God cares about me? My concerns? My worries? My desires? He is with me. I am never alone. I have no reason to truly doubt him.




These simple parts of nature, though maybe meaningless to anyone else, means the world to me. God made and cares so much about thelittle things of this world. How much more does he care about me? Oh this Love, this Grace, this Life I do not deserve, yet receive. God never ceases to amaze me.

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