Dark Romance.

I am finally at a point where I see love from such a different perspective. I am so sick of people today and their lack of devotion to what love should be. Love was not not designed by God to be thrown around without much thought or prayer.

Even have gone to a Christian university- love is not what it is meant to be. Couple after couple I see ending their relationships, including mine, because they recognize that something wasn’t right. Yet I see so many other couples meet, then get engaged, then married all within their college experience. Now I do not belittle that at all, but don’t neglect the call for Godly love the way it was supposed to be. Others date just to date without thought at all. It is just a game to them. Some don’t even date, but justify random hook-ups. It doesn’t even matter to them.

I worked at Kay Jewelers. I would “sell” love. Couples would come in all the time to buy something as evidence as their commitment to another. It may have been a ring, a necklace, bracelet. Yet I can tell you how many of those couples are in affairs or they break up within a year of their engagement. Or many would commit to that love and get married…then divorce. Love goes beyond a simple promise.

Love is a solemn, covenant- a vow until forever- a commitment to remain strong. And now I realize why people are failing at this. I once looked up definitions for love…and this is what I complied:

“Faithful and unconditional in both good and bad, joy and sorrow. To honor and respect. To cherish in failure and triumph. To care, protect, encourage and to never give up. To love in spite of…in the presence of God.”

Marriage, or even just love, may not always be perfect, beautiful or exciting but it is a gift from God- an opportunity to make it beautiful choosing to love with the same love that was sacrificed. God has given us each such an opportunity to find love. Don’t waste it on anyone but the person that deserves your whole first. Love God more than anything. Fall into a dark romance with your Beloved. Become lost in His love. When you become so in love with one who is deserving, love then means so much more. You can love others, love your fiance or your boyfriend/girlfriend, love your spouse, and love your families beyond what you thought you could because you have something stronger backing you up. We are called to love and to be love…nothing less than that. Let your heart be captivated by the dark romance of God.

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