God is beautiful. I cannot deny the love that I feel that only he can give. Everything about him is beautiful. Everyone longs for something, to fill the void in our lives. You can seek it wherever, and even fill it…for a time. But the one thing that has yet to fail me is the true love of a God that loves me in spite of all of my failures, insufficiencies, and mistakes. When I choose to love other things and replace him, he still loves me. His love never fails. It never quits. His love is beautiful. Joy. Unending joy. You think it doesn’t exist? Look at the stars. Or the sunrise. Or the snow gently falling. In the thunder. Or the lighting. In a baby’s laugh. I could go on. “We do not reason why a sunset is beautiful; the beauty is mysteriously self-evident…Love’s mystery requires no explanation.” The beauty of God is undeniable. And it has changed my life forever.

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