Into the Unknown.

It’s quite terrifying being led into a place, a direction of utter uncertainty. So often God asks us to do things and just wants our obedience. We may not always understand His ways or reasoning for things. In fact, a lot of the time, completely serving God with our obedience means losing your will in the midst of it, and with that brings something else. When heading into the unknown, we can be filled with pain, fear, doubt, uncertainty…but we must do it regardless of how we feel!

Our obedience to God requires sacrificing those things that hinder us from His will. It then becomes a process of letting go- maybe permanently or temporarily. Either way it means letting God work in spite of everything else.

But this journey, going where God wants, is also exciting. It’s a chance for new beginnings and change. It’s a chance for renewal and restoration. It’s a chance to become that man or woman God has called you to be. He has such purpose for our lives that so often we fail to see because all we want to see is all we want. Our wants blind us to God’s wants. But when we let go and actually are being led for a change, we finally get to see the beauty ahead.

God’s ways are mysterious, and I know I will never fully understood His direction or leading. I know I will always have fears and uncertainty. But I need faith in the God who has yet to fail me. I need to take the risk of faith to actually believe. In spite of all that is ahead, I know my God is there. I believe, and that is what I need when heading into the unknown.

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