Collage of words.

perfectly imperfect. rescued. dreamer. hopeful. content. satiate. unsettled. lost in God. alone. awake. desires. guarded heart. more than a pretty face. pure. excited. seeking. searching. wondering. miracles. fears. misunderstandings. shaken. insecure. hurt. broken. bruised. beaten. loved. renewed. ALIVE. dark romance. in love. imitable. enduring. driven. invisible. seen. mistaken. judged. forgotten. remembered. adored. liberty. freedom. victory. flawed. failed. desperate. redeemed. temple. worship. sacrifice. altar. forgiven. surrender. reckless abandon. forever changed. diamond in the dirt. influence. catalyst. keep someone alive. carpe diam. adventure. risk. thrill. dare to trust. life fully lived. no regrets. true. unashamed. open. transparent. completely simply me.

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