Judas, “Jehovah leads”.

Little is known about this Judas. But do not be confused- this is not the betrayer. The name Judas means “Jehovah Leads”, however, the name Judas has developed a terrible connotation because of the Judas Iscariot, the traitor. Sometimes (this) Judas is referred to as Trinomous meaning “Man with three names”. In Matthew 10:3, Judas is mentioned having these names: Lebbaeus (“heart-child”), surname was Thaddeus (“Momma’s Boy”). Both names suggest that he was tender and childlike at heart. In John 14:22 suggests that Judas was not arrogant, rude, brash or overly bold. Instead, he was gently and meek. A few years after Pentecost, he took the Gospel north to Edessa, a royal city in Mesopotamia (modern day Turkey). Numerous accounts and records affirm that he healed the king Abgar of some physical issue. At some point in his ministry there, Judas was clubbed to death.


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