Returning to Eden.

What is Eden? I refer to the Garden of Eden, the original beauty God created as a sanctuary for humans to have community with Him. Eden means “delight”…It was a breath taking. Foliage grew everywhere with unique beauty. Animals roamed gently around the garden. Rivers and streams brought a soft rush of eloquent sound throughout the land. Gazing at stars would have been an extravagant glory as constellations sit high above. Imagine watching the sun rise and sun set over mountains.

Adam and Eve had it all. Creation was in their hands, with the Creator always present. They would walk in utter liberty with the One who made everything. Conversations of love were common I’m sure. They were naked and unashamed of the way they were made. They had purpose- to name the creatures in garden and to be there for each other, including their Creator. But that purpose was quickly shattered by betrayal. Adam and Eve, though they had literally everything, they still chose more. They chose the little tree over the entire Garden. This depravity will haunt humanity through eternity.

This tragic tale of such an requited love…has more.

Thousands of years since, the Creator still beckons us to return. He still beckons our hearts to come back to Beauty. Yet we so often want things our way. We want a little tree instead of the Garden.  We then wonder why our lives are terrible. Or we wonder why things end up failing. Our world today is run by the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. Each one going for another tree.

Yet the beckoning continues.

Who is this that beckons us? That calls our names? He is the Creator, yes, but more. He is our first love. He is our Beloved. He desires us to talk to Him again, to walk with him again, to just be…with Him completetly unashamed. He wants us to return to Eden. He wants intimacy, again, with us.  Imagine the beauty that we could have.

We each can go to Eden, exactly where God wants us. Rather than settling for a small tree, we can have more. We can have everything. My Eden will look differently than yours, but its the personal, intimate, relationship with the One who loves us more than anything else, among any of creation. He wants me. He wants you. Return to Eden and see the beauty that you can hold in your palm. Be exactly where God wants you to be…walking with Beloved.

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