A Whole New World!

I have to say that this Valentine’s Day was the best I have ever had. Actually I have never really had a real Valentine’s celebration in my life. I have been single ever year on this supposed most romantic day of the year, including this year. But I am in awe of the events that took place last night. I feel like I should explain it from the girls’ perspective because the guys just completely shocked us all. Here is some background on last night:

On Monday nights the guys and girls from 11th Hour, my young adult group, have their own separate groups where we can pray for each other, hang out, and just fellowship. When we realized that Valentine’s Day fell on a Monday night this year, we decided we wanted to do something for the boys. In no way were we expecting anything in return. We just wanted to bless them with some food for their group. We thought we were being sneaky when we told one of the guys from the group our plans to make sure they would actually be at the house and not somewhere else. So that brings us to last night. As the girls approached the door to the house, to our surprise the windows were covered and the door was locked. Then like it was straight from a movie, we heard all of the boys singing “A Whole New World” from the balcony above us. On top of that they were wearing shirts and ties! Within moments, the door opened up and one by one the boys escorted us girls to what we found was a table set up with candlelight. They took our jackets, pulled out our chairs, and made us cards. We thought that was it…and we would have been completely content! However, they proceeded in giving each one of us girls a single red rose, brought us penne for dinner, and poured us Sparkling White Grape! As if the night could not get better, the boys treated us with such genuine love and respect. Not one of us girls saw any of this coming. They prayed over us. And by the end of the night, they escorted us each to our cars. These both, nonetheless, went above and beyond.

Not once in my life have I ever felt so special and treated with such respect and love. The thing that made the night more special than anything is that these guys are my friends. Those that had girlfriends could have taken them out on some private romantic date. Instead, they had their girlfriends present with the rest of us. All in all the guys- these wonderful men- cherished each and every one of us girls as not only their friends, but daughters of God. These men, whom I have learned to cherish as well, have not only proved to be great friends, but also men of God that have genuine love for others. At times I have doubted men and lacked trust in them because of my dating past, but tonight was unlike any other. These great friends of mine are amazing men. I know that they will each be incredible husbands, especially because of how they treated their friends last night.

To any of you guys from 11th Hour that may read this, thank you. I do not think you understand the blessing that you gave each girl last night. I do not think you recognize the impact. I thank God for you each and I cannot wait to continue to go through life with each and every one of you.

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