En Gedi.

Two years ago, this very day, I was in Israel at the desert oasis called En Gedi. It is where David hid from Saul. It is where he found to be replenished. I hiked with my friends to beautiful waterfalls, hearing the gentle sounds of the water. Then with others, I hiked up the steep cliffs, though only 1,500 feet, it was steep and narrow. But once we reached the top, the view was breathtaking. We saw the all of the Dead Sea. A moment of solitude I took. I prayed. I reflected. Like David, En Gedi was where I felt revived in so many ways, more than physically. Below is the psalm I wrote while in the midst of the serene oasis.

I run.
Broken and scared,
I hide.
I yearn for relief.
For rest.

I try to find peace,
But I am besieged by mine enemies.
I feel alone.
Weary and dry
this desert is slowly,
bitterly draining this life.

I listen.
to the gentle rush of water.
A spring of life is near.

Springs of En Gedi revive
the desert is beauty in oasis.
A renewed spirit of breath.
A soft breeze.
Glisten of hope.

I hear the shout of He who is greater.
Fear ceased.
a genesis begins.
On this rock, I sit

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