Grocery bags and hot meals.

Driving up, I had no idea what to expect. I had heard stories and have had similar experiences in Lakeland, but never here. No, this was different. Very different. Our caravan of three vehicles arrived to the welfare motels and within just a few minutes, people were coming to us getting their bag of groceries and a hot meal. These people cannot afford to pay rent, utilities, electric, and buy necessity items each month. They have to choose which one they want each month. Priorities…ones I often don’t even think about. I have three meals a day. I don’t worry about it. I have a job, but I also have a home. I have I have I have. These people do not have…

I was humbled by their lives. Reminded once more of what God has given me. Reminded once more of the opportunity and life of privilege I have. But with that which has been given me, I need to give. God has provided me with so much, and I am a glutton [of whatever] if I am not being a good steward of my time, money, talents, etc. Today was an opportunity to do just that, and I am glad for having done so. I am glad that simply grocery bags, mac & cheese, juice boxes, and cookies were the very things that brought me to my place, reminding me of God’s grace in my life.

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