Empty and Risen.

[This post is from 2 years ago while I had been in Jerusalem during Holy Week]

I just experienced the greatest moment of peace in my life. We went to the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem. It is a site that many believe is the actual tomb and resurrection place of Christ. It very well could be, however the staff of the Garden Tomb will not tell you that it is for certain the tomb of Christ. Many factors suggest that it could be the tomb: it is right outside the city [old city] by the Damascus gate and near a main road. The tomb found is near a cliff that is said to be Golgotha, the place of Christ’s death. The tomb itself is found in an old vineyard, which would follow with the idea of Joseph of Arimethia burying Jesus.

Whether that tomb is the actual tomb of Christ, it stands as a symbol of Christ’s resurrection regardless. The area enclosed allows for meditation and prayer undisturbed from the rest of Jerusalem. I sat and thought of so much. I first thought of the things I have done; the reasons for Christ dying. Then I smiled. I still am smiling. I remember Christ’s death and I recognize him as being my savior, but without his resurrection, nothing would matter. This empty tomb was beautiful. It reminded me that my Lord, though crucified, rose again, declaring the Glory of God! It shows me so much about myself. As I wrote previously, I have been emptied. Now I am alive again. I would simply be nothing without this beautiful story of love…of resurrection. The tomb now empty because my Lord has risen. I smile. I laugh. I breathe. I can live. Risen.

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