I dance, resurrected.

[This post is from 2 years ago while I was in Jerusalem during Holy Week]

After the Garden Tomb last night, our group had a foot washing. Now granted this was not my first time experiencing a foot washing. In all actuality I think I have had too many foot washing services, however most of which lacking focus on Christ and his purpose. Each time, for the most part, was portrayed with focus of the person giving the washing- not Christ. I almost wish last night would have been the first time I have ever experienced a foot washing. It was moving. It was beautiful.

I wept.

We sang acoustic worship while the water basin was passed from person to person [on the right]. Something key about the idea of a foot washing service, is that if the focus is not on Christ at all times, then it is completely in vain. Christ washed his disciples’ feet. This we know. But something I had never thought of before last night was the fact that Jesus first saw his disciples and their dirty feet. He then saw an empty basin. Opportunity. He saw it. He took it. Acting as a slave- a servant- he took off his outer clothing. He knelt at the feet of each disciple. Knowing that Judas was already filled with the a spirit of Satan, he STILL washed his feet. He still gave him honor though it wasn’t due. The disciples, especially Peter, were not willing to let Christ wash their feet. It was only after Christ said that they could have no part of him without it, that they allowed for him to wash them.

During the foot washing I prayed…prayed for so many things. I feel free from my past. But I also worry for things to come. Uncertainty. So much of what I felt I cannot explain. Simply, I don’t know entirely why but I was weeping. I was overcome by something. As soon as the foot washing ended I ran upstairs, grabbed my ipod and went to the rooftop balcony. Tears burst forth from my eyes. A weeping I have never known. I wanted more of God. I could feel his presence in a completely new way. Then I did something out of my comfort zone. I danced. I got up, smiling, and began to dance on the roof. I know it sounds ridiculous. I don’t care. I felt a need to dance. So I did. Like David, I danced in Jerusalem, undignified before my God. I loved it. Alive! I danced! Resurrected!

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