Resurrection Sunday. The average American will attend Church for Easter for one main reason- to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. What I find funny about this, is that the average American also never attends church except for this Sunday in hopes of redemption for their sin. One day a year is enough to redeem a year of countless…? I find it so sad that this is often the attitude of many. Our sin, to put plainly, is that which we do in contradiction to God and his desire for us. It is when we do not live according to his will. Jesus saw that there was a gap and that we would never measure up to God. Jesus died, as I wrote earlier in the weekend. He died for me. For you. For us. Because we were never able to be perfect and without fault… without sin. Something is dead inside of us. Jesus died to take away the sin of our lives, to make us pure again. He died so that we didn’t have to pay the debt. The difference is that he didn’t remain dead. He rose. He became alive. He did what no mere man could do. Resurrect…

Many people already know this to be what is Easter Sunday is about. Many people believe it to be false. Maybe you don’t even care. But let me tell you this. My life would not be what it is today without Jesus. Without his enduring love. Without his death. And especially without his resurrection. If not the Messiah, he still lived a life better than anyone known and more loving than anyone.  I would still want to be like him. He is a man that loved in spite of, died in place of and rose again because of… me. He loved me. He knew the only way I could ever really experience life abundantly, with no regret, was that he would die for my debt that I deserve, but rose again so that I would actually live. That is love. His love resurrected in me that which was dead. My pain, my hurt, my past, my mistakes, my failures. Everything. Saved…by a LOVE that conquers, that revives, that redeems… that is the very reason I choose to believe that Easter is not a day of bunnies and candy. But a day of love resurrected.

One thought on “Resurrect.

  1. Another childlike attribute that would be esteemed by Christ is a childs expectation to be loved not hurt. It is through the revelation of Father God in Christ that one finds the source of genuine love. Believer and non-believers alike should come in the expectation that they are loved and that a way has been made to enter fully into that love by Jesus ministry.

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