Today was beautiful. Finally it is beginning to feel like Spring. No more snow. No more freezing temperatures. Yesterday, Easter Sunday, was 80 degrees, a record for our current weather temps. And I awoke today to the same glory! Okay maybe it is stupid to be so excited but I am! I cannot help it. Today felt like Spring. Today was beautiful. I laid outside by my still closed pool under the surprisingly hot April sun. I even got a slight sunburnt. My reason for being so excited is not that I got to lay out and get tan, but that I got to experience the beginning of Spring. I got to be in the midst of something beautiful happening. Spring is symbolic of our lives, our spirits, our everything. It is a time for change, for new things to occur.


I find it no coincidence that Easter Sunday, the day that we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus, was beautiful and warm, the first day this Spring to feel that good. Jesus rose again and it was beautiful and new and glorious. This may sound ridiculous but that is exactly how it felt being outside yesterday and today. Jesus gives us life and we can experience the beauty of it daily! Don’t waste it.

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