Overcome Fear.

To an extent, everyone has a fear of something. It just depends on how we react to that fear. How we behave because of that fear tells if you are controlled by it or have overcome it. Some might have a fear of heights or darkness. Others might have a fear of being alone, in whatever capacity. Others have a fear of drowning. Or maybe the fear of being raped. Regardless, we have to overcome. People will respond and live their lives according to their fear because it is what drives them. Rather, it is what controls. It holds captive the life of those that will let it. I do not mean that you must go sky diving if you are terrified of heights. Or that you should go deep sea scuba diving if you are terrified of sharks. But I do mean that we should evaluate our lives on every level. What holds us back? What drives us to fear? What keeps us captive in our lives, causing us to…not really live at all?

As a Christ-follower, we have no excuse to have fear. Yes, there are moments that can bring terror or even paralyze us in fear. Jesus does not mean we cannot feel the emotion of fear. But if we are daily resisting to fully live because of some fear in our lives, then we are not letting Christ live abundantly within. His perfect love casts out all fear. Whatever your fear may be, release it to Christ. That is honestly the best and only infallible solution. Below is a quote that has quite frankly stretched my faith. It has caused me to look inwardly and see if I really am trusting Jesus enough, even with my fears.

“Fear is the opposite of faith. Faith says, ‘Everything looks terrible and by all logical accounts I should prepare for the worst- but because the Lord is my God, He is going to do the impossible and make a way for me.’ Faith forces the obstacles to move. Faith always believes in the best to come, not because it is irrational, but because it knows God intimately. Fear, on the other hand, is pathetically whiny and weak! It says, ‘Everything looks terrible, I should prepare for the worst- and there is absolutely nothing I or anyone can do to get me out of this! Life is terrible, its time to panic.’ Having fear is the same thing as denying God.”

Maybe that is a bit harsh for you. But realistically speaking, we should fear everything. But because we, believers in Christ, have a hope that rose from the dead, we have a hope that overcomes all things. Wherever your fear comes from, whatever it may be, do not let it control you. Do not let it move you. Let the love of Jesus Christ move you. Let his love be with you in all things. Trust him completely and believe that he can do something in your life. It does not mean you will not have struggles or even be free from pain in your life, but it does mean that, regardless, his love can carry you through. If he can die on the cross and rise again, conquering the grave, what else can I do but trust my Jesus?

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