Avengers Assemble.

Avengers…For those of you who do not know… Avengers are the warriors of the Marvel Comics. No I am not a comic nerd. But I do love my friends. I have been blessed with being a part of these peoples’ lives for 7 months now and its memories like we made last night that remind me of this amazing blessing. Yes, we were all dressed up as The Avengers. We went to go see Thor in 3D IMAX at the midnight showing. We simply wanted a fun night to share with each other. And fun it was!

The thing I love about this group is we can be so serious, have intelligent and inspiring conversations that challenge each other. Then the next moment we can be ridiculous and doing something crazy. The incredible thing about it all is that we love God and love others. We are doing life together, even the silly things. But at least we are living.

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