Come away.

Come away with me, Come away with me
It’s never too late, it’s not too late
It’s not too late for you

I have a plan for you
I have a plan for you
It’s gonna be wild
It’s gonna be great
It’s gonna be full of me

Open up your heart and let me in


There is something simple about this. It is beautiful. I realized how  much I loved this song after a wedding this weekend. The words to “Come away…I have a plan…” are so beautiful. They are spoken by God. A picture of a love we can have with our God. But also a portrait of a romance we can have with unity in marriage that is centered on the true love of God. It gives me chills just thinking about it. A love that is so enraptured by His love…I cannot wait for my moment. My day. I am blessed to see my friends get married. To say their vows. But more than anything, to share in unity the love of God.  

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