Land of the Living.

For over a week now, I cannot seem to get this verse out of my head. 

“I remain confident in this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart. Wait for the Lord.” [Psalm 27:13-14]

This  is so encouraging because it is a promise, one that I believe, the Lord will keep. In spite of circumstances, in spite of struggle, and in spite of my own failings, if I continue to remain faithful to God, I will see his goodness. Wow. It seriously blows my mind thinking that God has MORE FOR ME than what I have now. More of a journey. More adventure. More love. More….of everything! 

What amazes me about all of this is that God knows my heart’s deepest desires. He knows everything about me. He is orchestrating my life right now as I write this. The goodness of the Lord is near. But, honestly, I believe I already have the goodness of the Lord. What gets me about this verse is “the land of the living” part. Things may be going well now. They may be good. Yet God promises his goodness in a place that is flourishing and alive. Those desires I have, I believe God sees them and is preparing things in my life now for those desires later. So I must wait just like verse 14 says.  I can rest tonight in a peace and confidence because my God gave me a promise for goodness, life and things far beyond my expectations. But for now I wait, as patiently as possible being diligent with where He has me now. 

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