Spiritual Anorexia.

Being deprived of the nutrients received in food will eventually render itself FATAL, despite the brief feelings of satisfaction. Just as there can be physical malnourishment, so it can be spiritual. 

I can take a look at my life and see a difference in my life- attitude, behaviors, among other things, when I am hungering after God and His Word taking in as much as I can. However, I can also see the near fatal moments of my life; those struggling to make-it-through moments. The times when I was trapped under some sin. The times when I was going nowhere. I have been, at times, spiritually anorexic. I am disheartened tonight as I think of people in my life that love God- that I do not doubt- however, I see a minimal amount of God actually present in their lives. Just as I neglected the Word, prayer, Godly community and became spiritually anorexic, so I see others- friends of mine- that are slowly but surely taking out the very life within themselves. They neglect the Word. Their friends are anything but Godly. Prayer is almost nonexistent. 

Please pardon me if I sound self-righteous. That is far my intentions. I say this with much concern deep within my heart because the road of those friends of mine seems grave. Slowly dying, starving their bodies of God and yet having no clue. Or worse, ignore the symptoms. Deny the symptoms. More than anything, I desire to see those I love and care for deeply and passionately in love with God; that the Love will create in them a new heart and they will become a NEW CREATION centered on God. Being spiritually anorexic to fit in with really anything (groups of friends, society, media, etc) will do nothing, I mean absolutely nothing for you. Temporary satisfaction is the best you can get. As I learned through painstaking experience, being spiritually healthy is, although an ongoing process, it is far worth going after. You become alive allowing for God to completely work His purpose deep within your life. He wants to do great things in your life.

I urge you, take a look at your life. Is there spiritual growth? If not, could you possibly be in a place heading toward spiritual anorexia? Ultimately, if you want God at all to be a part of your life, I challenge you to pursue God. 

One thought on “Spiritual Anorexia.

  1. So true. And the more we starve ourselves, the easier it becomes to rationalize or deny our current state because we’ve drifted so far from actual truth. Good word MJ!

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