“Get your but out of the way”

[Notes from Senior High Camp with guest speaker Chet Caudill]

There are things in life that will be obstacles and will hinder us from getting more of God. It is not a conviction issue but a sin issue- things that are definitely against the Word of God. In Numbers 13:28 the Israelite spies let their excuses- their “buts” get in the way. “But” was the very word  that hindered the people from entering into the Promised Land. The spies had everything in front of them in the Promised Land but because of fear they chose to remain in the desert. 

What makes you feel alive? What has God called you to? Are your excuses and doubts and fears [your “but”] getting in the way? Having a “but” can keep you from salvation, selling out to God, and God’s best in your life. Are you willing to wait for God’s best and go for it when he gives you the chance? Often we don’t believe he can give us the best so we bury our dreams in a graveyard of impossibility…Just like the Israelites.  We settle for less. If we trust in God and believe that he can do what he promises, go for the Promised Land in your life. 

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