The Dance.

I cannot lie- when music comes on, I love to dance. Whether it be in the car with friends or at a wedding, I love to just move. You might laugh- and rightfully so- but the day I meet a guy that enjoys dancing as much as I do, and does not care how good he is but instead the fun he is having, I will marry him. Of course, the girly side in me desires to dance with my husband one day. A romantic twirl. A dip. Holding me in his arms…those are great things that I look forward to. But so much about dancing, any style, is the foot work. There has to be one to lead. Not both. Just like I will let my husband lead the dance, so I must let God lead my life. I know full well that if I were to try to lead a real dance or the dance of life, I would look ridiculous and completely destroy the beauty of the dance. So I let them lead.

Like a dance, I want you to lead. Sometimes I try to get a few steps ahead, and I fail. But help me to follow you instead of trying to make a routine, when you already have a beautiful one choreographed. Your dance will be far more beautiful, flowing, and freeing than if I were to create it on the spot. Here I am, giving you my hand to lead me in this dance.

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