The voice of silence.

As of late, I have felt an urge to remain silent. For anyone who knows me well enough knows that being silent and not state my opinion, thoughts, or anything for that matter, is not an easy task. However, I am really trying to speak less. I want only God’s words to leave my lips- love, grace, compassion, mercy. I want kindness and peace to be what comes forth. Though I do not think it is wrong to state my beliefs or opinions or defend my faith, however, often because of my boldness of character, I do not always listen completely. I have been challenging myself lately to not respond with words but simply body language, attention and really listening to what is being said, not just simply in the other person’s words. I am trying to study others. I am testing my own capacity at thinking of others above myself. With that I am also, above all, trying to honor God with every conversation, every word, and every joke that leaves my lips. Listening to others is very humbling and eye-opening. My voice is not the voice I want to hear more than necessary. Instead I would rather sit and listen, being the voice of silence in the midst of the noise.

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