Cherry Picker’s Gospel.

Sometimes, being a true Christian [Christ like] can be hard. Being religious is not really difficult…anyone can be religious. Not everyone wants to be be a real believer in Christ. It involves believing in something that offends. The cross is offensive. It shows the sin we each have in our lives regardless if the world approves or tolerates. Sometimes…it is very difficult to stand on the words that I read in the Bible. Yet, if I believe in God and believe in his infallible Word [the Bible] then I must believe in what it actually says, not what just what I agree with. This is where it requires lifestyle change. We cannot pick and choose what we read in the Bible. You are a believer in Jesus Christ, standing on the Word of God or… you are not. There is no in between. There is no picking and choosing what part of the Bible you want to live and abide by. Thus the difficulty. The world says “accept everyone as they are, do what makes you happy, and enjoy it to the fullest”. Living by that ideal is deceptive and ungodly. It sounds good, but without God’s truth in the picture, everything is meaningless and not living to God’s Word. His Word says “love everyone with Christ’s love, live in purity and holiness, and serve God with your life”. That is why it is so difficult to answer a question about lifestyles when it is about something that is contradictory to God’s Word. Regardless of any offense made, I have to stand true to HIS Word and not my own, not the world, not anyone’s. Only His. But in anything, I must maintain the love of God and reflect it in every aspect of my life. It involves sacrifice, commitment, discipline, and grace. I know I have not always acted like this, but I am at least trying. I want to honor God with my life and live a Christly way, yet I know, along the way, some people will not agree and even get offended. I must do my best and live for God at not end.

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